New Episode Among Other Things

We don't tend to update the newsfeed for new episodes. We give you one every Monday without fail. You all know that. That's not news. It's "olds", if anything.

But this week is different because this week, the new episode, is part of our ongoing James Bond retrospective. We know a lot of our listeners are big Bond fans, so this is a big episode. More than that, however, this may just be the best episode of the show to date.

This week's episode is "You Only Live Twice" and it starts out with all the usual film discussion, but we got quite manic towards the end - something that often comes with a late-night record. Not to mention that this week's selection of sequel pitches are particularly good.

So please do go ahead and listen! And tell your friends! And subscribe! And rate and review us on iTunes!

Oh, and if you're here for the listener vote discussed in the episode, then head here to get involved. At the time of writing, Big Momma's House has inexplicably overtaken The Matrix, so anything could happen!