In Memory of George A. Romero

Hey, Dimbulbs!

Sol, here. I, like many others, was very saddened by George A. Romero's recent passing and wanted to do something to commemorate him. We had actually been planning a Romero episode (which, as it happens, was scheduled to be recorded the day after he died), but prior to the news, we decided to swap it for something else and hold his episode back for a future date on the grounds that we felt it would deserved a full-blown treatment along the lines of the trilogy of M. Night Shyamalan episodes we did earlier this year. We'd hoped to fit them in around Halloween, but have you seen the amount of big franchises releasing new episodes this October? We're not going to have an three-week period that we can slot it into for a while, I'm afraid.

So, with that in mind, I thought I'd turn my newfound talent for chart-making to this handy guide, explaining what the deal is with Night of the Living Dead's hundreds of sequels and off-shoots. There are countless unofficial sequels to that film. This chart only deals with films that are at least vaguely official and there's still 25 projects on there.

You'll want to click it through to see the big version so that it's readable...

Bottom of the page Easter egg: not included on the chart is Army of the Dead, a sequel to Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake that was, for a while, in pre-production with Synder in the Producer's chair and Matthijs van Heikningen Jr. set to direct. The film was to take place in Las Vegas and, whilst promoting his prequel to The Thing in 2011, Heikningen spoke about the plans for the film, including how it was going to involve rapist zombies... it was cancelled shortly afterwards. I wonder why.