143 - All Diminishing, All Returns

Guest host: Calvin Dyson

Here, for you, are a selection of never-heard-before (and very old) clips from Allen's cutting-room floor. Hear cut discussion from episodes like Psycho, Alien and others, as well as the story about when Sol and Allen were going to get a pet chimp when they lived together and yet more cut material from that huge quiz episode we did to celebrate our episode-count turning 100.


84 - Another Diminishing Returns Outtakes Show

Our previous outtakes episode went down pretty well, so here's another one. Don't worry; we're all fine. We just wanted to burn this episode off before it got even more outdated than it already is - plus it meant that we could chill out after not taking a week off the show over Christmas.

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This episode contains previously unheard cut material from:
"Oscars 2017"
"Live-Action Disney Remakes"
"Guardians of the Galaxy"
"Suicide Squad"
"Review of the Year 2017: Part 1"

Outtakes Episodes:
"So It's Come to This: A Diminishing Returns Outtakes Show"

"Another Diminishing Returns Outtakes Show"
"The Diminishing Returns 107th Episode Spectacular"